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What Defines a Good Restaurant?

Dining from a restaurant is not just about the act of eating and paying the bill and walking out. There are many other things that make food ‘sweeter’; how the food is served, its aesthetics the smell and the taste. Basically, it’s about ‘the’ experience, otherwise you would be home making some good dinner for you and your family (if you have one).

So, what would a be good restaurant?

A good restaurant can be defined by;

Quality of the service

Simple things such as a waitress taking forever, I mean like 20 minutes, to serve you can be annoying, especially when you had a long day and needed something to cool you down.

A customer needs to be attended to immediately he or she steps into the restaurant by security guard directing to the car parking, being warmly and with a smile offered seat, and the waiter(tress) presenting the menu and waits with awareness of details to receive orders, and additional good listening skills. This way, the client will feel a cared for and will want to come back next time.

Quality food and drinks

Food and drinks services are prepared by practitioners with excellent knowledge on international culinary, beverages and art. A good restaurant is able to assess the likability of its food and drinks in order to keep improving their quality.





An average food can get sweeter due to good presentation. It therefore has to be a constant deliberate action to keep on improving how servers improve their food presentation.

Presentation also greatly comes into play through how tables and sits are arranged, the spacing between them. You do not want your guest, to walk out on you even before taking a seat.

Level of cleanliness

A part of quality food and drink service lies in the food hygiene practices. For example, if the rather warm towels used for cleaning a guest’s hands are untidy, the restaurant will be associated with dirt.

Their communication skills

Communication is a universal attribute that if not executed can bring down any organization or business. there has to be excellent communication skills among the workers in the restaurants to constantly ensure health and well, being of its guests and colleagues.

Constant communication between servers and guests, either verbally or non-verbally ensures that servers are at per with guests concerns and make necessary changes.

Any business is a work in progress, the willingness to keep on improving on your service is what matters, as where there is a will, there is a way.

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