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Uses and Kinds of Cool Rooms

One of the ways to prevent food spoilage is through the use of cool rooms. These are primarily used by those who are in the food industry. There are many types of cool rooms to choose from- there is custom built, modular kits, and mobile rooms to be used either for product display or food storage. The temperature of cool rooms ranges from positive to negative temperature. The negative rooms are the freezer type and these are used for storing meats and other cooked food products that are susceptible to spoilage. On the other hand, the positive temperature rooms are for food products that do not need to be placed in a freezer but in a temperature-controlled environment, such as fresh fruits.

Modular cool rooms

The materials for the floors, ceilings, and walls are already pre-cut and these are easily attached together in less than an hour. These materials are all safe for food storage. The modular cool rooms have temperatures that vary from 2 degrees up to a low of -22 degrees, for food with different temperature requirements such as fresh fruits and frozen products. These rooms are also used for non-food items such as medicines and plant seeds.

Walking cool rooms

Both the modular and the combi are considered walking cold storage. It is called walking room because it is not like an ordinary freezer but a cold storage where persons can actually walk into. There are shelves inside the room where the foods are placed.



Combi cool rooms

If you are in need of a cold storage facility with two different temperatures- chiller and freezer, then the combi is what you are looking for. It has two zones divided by a door, and each zone has independent control unit.

Industrial cool rooms

For this type of cold storage, not only is it big enough for individuals to enter, but even vehicles such as forklifts can be accommodated inside. It is used for bulk storage of food.

Uses of Cool Rooms

1) It is used to store fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Restaurants buy by the bulk of these items, and to prevent them from rotting, cold storage rooms are the perfect place because of the appropriate temperature.

2) It is used to store frozen meats. The shelf life of meats is longer if they are stored in a temperature that is not conducive for the infestation of unwanted organisms.

3) Cool rooms minimize food wastage. The appropriate temperature will not cause foods to get rotten, thus, those in the food industry will not waste too much money on ingredients because they are kept fresh in a temperature-controlled room.