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Before you set up your exhibition display at the trade fair or show, it is advised that you set it up at your workplace and get a feel of the display. If you try it out before the main event, you’d be able to look at what’s missing and also see if you’re including too many things and whether some things need to be left out.


Ways to attract more customers to your exhibition stand

If you’re participating in a trade show, there are few things that you should do to ensure that your exhibition display is visited by more customers. This articles looks at some of them.


Firstly, it’s important that you need to have exhibition display that grabs your customer’s attention. Just like the window display at a store, your booth at the exhibition should also make the customer want to get in and look at the products or services that you’re offering. Hence, choose posters, colours, signage and products in the exhibition display that can help in promoting the image of what you’re offering to the customer. Your booth at the exhibition should stand out. Engaging in product demos can also help in getting people interested and making potential customers visit your booth.


You shouldn’t be worried if you’ve a small exhibition display. More people would be attracted to the display if it’s educative and informative, no matter what the size is. However, it is important that the exhibition display is designed to attract customers. Include posters and product descriptions with bold, clear fonts and use simple graphics to grab their attention. Your exhibition display is a reflection of your product, so you might want to have one that looks neat, free of any clutter and well-organized. The presentation or display of your products is what’s most important. So, make sure that you think about the theme while you design your exhibition display.

Having a team of energetic, well-informed, lively and friendly mates will give you more opportunities to innovate and can change things in a huge way. It is important that you’ve a team that supports you and that works together to achieve success. When at the trade show, your team must appear friendly and approachable.




You can also organize some games at your exhibition display to attract more customers. However, make sure that these games don’t become the centre of attention, so you must avoid organizing competitions. Remember that the goal is to sell the product. Investing in some promotional products and merchandise can also be a good idea to attract more customers to your display because everyone loves free stuff. Pick gifts that are suitable for what you sell, for example, you can choose to give out bags or t-shirts with a logo of your brand.


It is crucial that you engage yourself in pre-event promotion through personal invites, your website and even a media campaign. It is the best way to get the customer interested even before the trade show happens.