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Rent a 3 Bedroom Holiday Apartment on your Next Trip

If you are going to travel with a moderate size group, check out a 3 bedroom holiday apartment instead of booking in a hotel. Some homeowners rent their vacant places for tourists so that tourists can feel the lifestyle of the people in the city that they are visiting. Hotels are more expensive and you are surrounded with establishments that have exorbitant prices for tourists. As a tourist, you can feel and understand the culture and the lifestyle if you will stay in a non-touristy place, like a 3 bedroom holiday apartment. Listed below are the benefits on why you should try it instead of a hotel:

More space

All of you can be together unlike in a hotel where you will book separate rooms. In a 3 bedroom holiday apartment, the space is bigger. It has a living room, dining room, and kitchen. After a busy day of either business meetings or sightseeing, you can rest in a place that feels like ‘home’.

Less housekeeping

Though nothing beats a clean and orderly room, but at times, you can be bothered by housekeeping. There are instances when all you want to do is to rest after a long day of sightseeing. But lo and behold, the housekeeping staff is not yet finished cleaning your room. As a result, instead of resting, you have to go down to the lobby and wait for them to finish. Scenarios such as this can be avoided in a 3 bedroom holiday apartment. You can request for housekeeping at your own convenience.





If you are on a budget, you can lower your expenses by buying raw ingredients and cook the meal yourself. This is especially true during late hours of the day when you and your companions want to have snacks. Also, for those who have special diet requirements and children. You can cook the meal that you prefer.

The price

This is the best benefit of a 3 bedroom holiday apartment. The 3 bedroom holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise are affordable. They are relatively cheaper compared to hotel rates. If you will stay in a place for a prolonged period of time, this is the ideal place for you to stay.


A 3 bedroom holiday apartment does not lack in terms of amenities. Owners provide fresh linens every day, they even provide you with fresh fruits and some treats. Most of the time, the place also has a pool and gym equipments. The place also has washing and drying machines. Laundry service in a hotel is very expensive. But in a 3 bedroom holiday apartment, it is practically free as it is part of the rental payment.