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Energy Efficient Home Renovations

Energy saving house designs feature state of the art, energy saving construction materials, fixtures and appliances. The energy conservation and efficiency comes. As a result, of material manufacturing processes, home construction techniques, source of energy, and the emanating energy savings on a daily basis. With a heavy lean towards energy conservation, home renovations to match the trend both makes for energy savings, as well as increased home value.

Home Appliances and Electronics

Home appliances and electronics are prime energy guzzlers in the home. Fortunately, with the surge towards energy efficiency, the manufacturers of regular appliances have introduced energy-efficient variants. Both government and lobby groups have set standards, requiring compliance, on appliance ratings. The appliances include refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, and audio-visual equipment. Switching to energy efficient models, there is a significant reduction in the energy bill.

However to be able to make the switch, the homeowner must first establish the current power usage. The easiest way is to inspect the ratings, usually included on a nameplate. However, do note that with usage, the actual properties usually deviate from the indicated ratings due to tearing and wear. In such cases, the ideal option is to seek a professional electrician for real-time measurement. From the given numbers, the homeowner is then able to compare with the current energy saving variants and make necessary changes during renovations.





A home air conditioning system serves to maintain prime comfort levels, regardless of external elements. However, several factors, such as inefficient insulation significantly sabotages the system efficiency. This is more so in the old houses that feature out of date insulation materials and installations. A handy renovation tip is to replace the old insulation materials with modern materials with high R-values. The r-value is the measurements of material resistance to heat conduction. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties.

Modern materials with high R-values include fiberglass, rock wool, slag and natural fibers. Therefore, timely replacement, during the home renovations does increase energy savings while eliminating harmful traditional insulation materials such as asbestos.


Another area that requires prime attendance during home renovation for energy efficiency is the lighting system. The easiest way to save on energy consumed through heating is incorporating natural lighting into the house. This includes redesigning windows to allow more light in and switching the traditional glass materials with modern energy efficient materials that allow for light passage without heat and glare. Do note that the efficacy of such a project rests solely on the regions climate and the house designs.


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