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Instant Finance: All You Need To Know

Instant finance is a renowned company from New Zealand which offers its consumers personal loans with quick availability. It is providing an outstanding service to its customers for 40 years. They call themselves “responsible lenders”. The company offers variety of loan schemes including personal wedding loans, car loans, loan for some unexpected emergency and many more. In short, the company facilitates its customers to the fullest. Its operations are taking place through 23 different branches in the region. The company has a very good reputation in the corporate sector and termed as a trusted personal loan provider.


Instant finance NZ makes no compromise on its core values and the quality of financing services provided to the customers. Their core values include not only a firm dedication towards their customers but a really helpful and concerned support staff as well. A firm customer base completely filled with loyal customers who prefer to get their financing activities done from this company may substantially support the claim of their great quality services. Even the second and third generation family members are a part of its customer base. Being an old and well reputed company in the region, the company has managed to promote its own products which are truly beneficial for the customers of all segments. The products include “Protecta Insurance” which is a life insurance plan, “Easy Driver” which is a vehicle financing plan and “MyHome” which is a house financing scheme. All these products are formed keeping in mind the customer’s needs and requirements.




Instant finance follows a formal reporting structure in which regular management and staff meetings are taken into account. The specialty product of the company is Personal Loans in which it is dealing since the last 40 years. They provide easy procedures for the issuance of loan which is easy to understand and not very time consuming unlike other such companies. Instant finance provides loan between $200 to $2000 along with some terms and conditions which are according to them easy to understand, apply and within the budget of the customer. They market themselves through attractive TV commercials which truly explain their aim and convey their core values. The company claims to have a fast system of the issuance of loan, which gives them a competitive edge over other companies who take plenty of time in the documentation process.


The company has succeeded to manage its operations in an efficient manner due to which it has gotten a good reputation in the concerned sector as compared to its competitors. Statistics show that it had around 20,000 active loans having approximate size of $4000 in 2013, which is a great achievement. Other than TV commercials, the company also uses other mediums for their marketing purposes which include newspapers, billboards, Yellow pages, and its well maintained user friendly website.


While designing the strategies for its financing services, the company keeps in mind the budget of their target market and tries their best to make the payments affordable. It completely cooperates with the customer who misses any payment due to some emergency or any other genuine reason. Research shows that it is the first company who has gotten a license to operate as Qualifying Financial Entity.