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How to Become an Interior Designer

If you want to become an interior designer you must know that interior designers usually need a bachelor's degree focused on interior design. This is because there are special classes that will teach you interior design, drawing, computer design and so on.

Also for an admission, you might be required to submit some sketches or other examples of your artistic abilities.

Anyway license requirements may vary by state, in some, only licensed interior designers can do the interior design work, while in others, both licensed and unlicensed can do this work. Also, voluntary certification in an interior design specialty will allow the designers to prove their expertise in a particular area. Some of the interior designers specialize in a particular area to distinguish themselves and to promote their expertise.

You need some important qualities to become an interior designer.

First, is the artistic ability. This means you can use your style to develop designs that are good and pleasing. As well you need to be creative. You need to be able to imagine the finished product and everything needed to fit the client's needs and lifestyle. You will need to be detail oriented, to measure precisely the interior spaces and create drawings that can be used by engineers or other designers.

You will need to e able to communicate effectively with clients and other people because most of your time will be spent talking to clients and collaborate with other designers, engineers or the building contractors.

If you have problem-solving skills, it is a good thing because if you can keep the project on time besides the construction delays or the high cost or even sudden unavailability or some materials, because you will keep the project on time.




A good visualization capability is needed because you need a strong sense of proportions and visual awareness to understand how every piece of your design will fit together to do the magic.

There are several types of interior designers and you can choose a specialty from the ones bellow.
You could become a healthcare designer. This way you can design or renovate healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals and other residential care facilities.

You could become as well a sustainable designer who uses strategies to improve energy and water efficiency and indoor air quality. You could obtain certification in Leadership in Energy or Environmental Design.

Also being a universal designer you could renovate spaces in order to make them more accessible. Those designs are used to renovate spaces for older people or people with special needs, but this universal design can benefit anyone. You could concept an entrance without steps that could benefit someone who is pushing a baby stroller or someone in a wheelchair.

Kitchen and bath interior designers specialize in areas like kitchens and baths as their name say but they can be an expert in a variety of cabinets, fixtures, plumbing or electrical solutions for those rooms.

Lastly, you could become a corporate designer that creates interior designs for workplaces or small offices to the large corporation buildings. You can focus to create spaces that are efficient and safe for employees and some company branding.

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