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Laundry Renovations: Simple Transformation That Works

If you consider doing laundry your least favorite household chore, one trick to make this activity enjoyable is giving your laundry room a make-over. Messy laundry rooms can bring stress and make you dread this weekend activity. Your laundry room is a place for dirty clothes but that does not mean you should neglect it. Laundry renovations are going to transform a drab-looking room into an eye-catching, functional space. You just need to plan what your room will look like.

Steps To Renovating Your Laundry Room:


1. Make a sketch of how your laundry room should look like. This part of your house is as equally important as your bathroom and kitchen. This is why creating a floor plan is important. Make sure you choose the kind of layout that makes room for your laundry equipment. Do not forget about other essentials such as venting, plumbing and electrical. You can add cabinets in case you are short on space.

2. Pick a suitable location. Your laundry room should not be necessarily located in the basement. You can consider your main or second floor as a good location for your laundry room.




Some Laundry Renovation Considerations

• If you need to buy a new washing machine, be sure to select the one that addresses your needs. As much as possible, you opt for high-efficiency top loaders as this uses less energy as compared to the traditional top loaders.

• Part of laundry renovations is investing in a good front loader. You need to shop around so you will have an idea how much it costs. Normally the price ranges from $150 to $400 depending on the size and capacity.

• Make sure you keep washer hoses in check to avoid mishaps. Instead of buying plastic flex hose, go for metal dryer-vent pipe as this is already sealed with foil tape. Plastic flex hose is a fire hazard and can be torn easily. You need to invest in an automatic shutoff valve because this ensures safety by cutting water to the washer once leaks are detected.

• Another thing to keep in mind when planning for laundry renovations is buying a dryer. The choice you make depends on the connections that your laundry room has. A gas will be a safe choice if you already have a gas hookup. Although it costs more than the electric model, operating it is less expensive.

Spend some time to think of the design for your laundry room so you can transform it from dull to inspiring. Get in touch and hire the Sydney laundry renovations. Doing laundry will surely be enjoyable this way.