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Online proofing is applicable in the creative process

Through this software, the applications can begin during the entire process of creative planning. The team can check online for errors, the proper layout of the design, if there are images or videos missing, and so much more. Work can be done at anytime given time of the day and wherever location they may be. Discussions and brain storming are no longer limited in the office. The globe can be a place of work through online proofing.


Manage your Contents through Online Proofing

Online proofing is the process of viewing images (both still and moving) online and checking if the contents are admissible or not. It makes work faster because there is no more need to deliver the contents from one office to another.

Media Types

The nice thing about online proofing is that it can be used in all types of media. During the introduction of the software, it was only limited to prints or photos. Photographers would present the samples online and the clients will choose among the photos will be printed. This procedure saves time and money on both parties. Now, online proofing is also used in other types of media such as movies, commercials, audio files, among others. Clients or those who work together can view the contents online, share opinions, edit the contents before finally releasing the finished product.

Main features

1) This allows the team or group of people to view the contents altogether even if they are not in the same place and have different time zones.

2) They can place some sticky notes to point-out pertinent issues.

3) It allows them to brain storm anytime because the contents are all located in an online storage system.

4) The data can be easily accessed by anyone in the team without having to go to the work place.

5) The clients can be part of the creative process because they, too, can access the contents online. In this way, the clients can immediately relay to the team what changes they want. Through online proofing, the project is competed at a faster pace. In addition, it saves so much time because editing is done along the way, unlike before when editing is done after the presentation of the project to the client.

Time is of the essence and through online proofing, completion of the project is shortened and communication with the clients is more manageable.