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Top 5 Promotional Products that Appeal to Women

Promotional products are an important part of a business marketing strategy. It can be confusing to choose the best promotional item for your company since there are hundreds, even thousands of different themes and items to choose from. The best way to trim down your choices is to consider the type of audience or demographic you want your promotional products to appeal to. If your business caters mainly to women, choose items that are stylish and function. Forget baseball caps or pens. Here are some great suggestions:



1. Soft bedroom slippers – Do you run a spa? You can give away comfortable slippers to your customers. There are luxuriously soft slippers with adjustable Velcro fastening. Have your logo embroidered so the next time they look at their feet and find out they need some foot spa, they immediately know where to go.

2. Shoe Bag – You know that women can never have enough shoes. They also do their best to take care of their stilettos and wedges. If you want to appeal to this womanly quirk, a shoe bag is one of the best promotional items you can give away.



3. Sports Water Bottle – Women are becoming more and more dedicated to staying fit. More than ever, women are actively engaging in sports and working out. To make sports enthusiasts happy, use sports water bottles as promotional products. Let your business be part of a woman’s journey to achieving their dream figure.

4. Power Banks – Your promotional products should keep up with the technology craze. Now that mobile phones and tablets are as indispensable to women as their favorite shade of lipstick, mobile power banks with 2800mah battery will be very helpful.

5. Bamboo Eco BBQ Set – Your promotional item should serve two main purposes. The first and most obvious reason it to promote your business. Second, they should provide happiness to your customers. An eco-friendly cooking set can do those things and more.

We all know that when it comes to shopping, women are more meticulous and smart. Your business will benefit more if your promotional products appeal to the female members of the population.