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The Whale Shark

The whale shark is a filter feeder and the largest of the fish species in the extant category. The whale sharks can be almost 13 meters long weighing almost a whopping 22 tons. It is claimed that there may be larger sizes than the largest confirmed size but that is not a surprise to those who are well read in biology and have wide knowledge on development of species and organisms. It is in fact not shocking that there are organisms that large to them. The Ningaloo reef whale shark is an icon of nature in the marine world as it is large as it is heavy. The whale shark in not a mammal as the name nay almost suggest. It is a fish. A very large fish. This gives it a record largest ever non mammal that is alive and this makes it all the more a jewel in the marine. The whale shark is usually or rather, commonly found in the waters of the tropical oceans, preferably at temperatures which are above 22 degrees centigrade as that is its preferred temperature for the waters in which it thrives. Their name, the Ningaloo reef whale shark is their reference alias when they grace the waters of the Ningaloo reef.



The whale sharks are purely filter feeders and they are known to feed mostly on plankton. This is not new a scenario but this is an astounding fact. A whale is expected to be a predator on any other smaller organisms. Well, a shark, expected to be the blood thirsty creature in the sea. The whale shark however, basing its name from the combination of the organisms on which its name is obtained from, it is large and it is vicious. However, this is greatly challenged by the reality that the whale shark can be termed a strict vegetarian hence it poses no threat to other organisms in terms of converting then to its food. Other organisms referring to the other species of animals which are part and parcel of the marine environment in which it is found.

This facts, have made it easier for man to satisfy his curiosity as he tries to interact with the Ningaloo reef whale shark. This is because then it is know that there isn’t a chance where the Ningaloo reef whale shark will decide to prey on the divers or on those interested in studying it. Other filter feeders its size are such as the mega mouth shark and the basking shark as well as the baleen whale