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What Do Timber Shutters Have to Offer to you at your Home?

When you see people having timber shutters for their windows, one common question that arises is “why do you need these shutters when you can use curtains?” This is a very common question asked by many people, but the answer to it is very simple and that is your rooms and house is going to look much better with shutters than with the curtains. There are many things that these shutters offer you, which are not offered by the curtains. Have a look at what do these shutters have to offer to you at your home.

• You can use them when you are renovating your house, you will give a new look to your house, by replacing the curtains with timber shutters. Curtains are very common and you can find them in almost every house, but the shutters are something that you will find just in a few houses as that is the latest trend. They are a bit expensive, but many people who prefer complete new look to their house would go for this option.

• You choose to install shutters to all the windows in your house or you can just choose a few of them to give a different look.




• The design of the shutter is also another interesting feature to add more life to your room windows even in kitchens. You can choose a completely different style of shutter like a square or rectangular shutters that is of the shape of the window, but with a round shape from inside to give a round look to the window. This will make the windows look different from what they actually were before.

• Having both curtains and timber shutters can be more helpful in some conditions like when you want to keep the room dark, cool, or when you want the room to be warm. So, you can use both together, but in that case make sure that the curtains that you are using along with the shutters are matching with the other things in the room.

You can always enjoy only the benefits of the timber shutters as there are no cons about it. But it is possible only when you are choosing the right shutter with high quality material used in making. Buying a cheap one may sometimes result in lower life of the shutter and you will have to plan for replacing it more frequently. So, spend a little high, but buy only high quality shutter. Heartwood Shutters have the largest selection of Plantation shutters anywhere in Sydney and won't be beaten on price.