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It is an added benefit if you involve yourself in selection of music too. Don’t leave the responsibility entirely on the crew, or you might end up paying royalty for a piece of music you’re not happy with. Make sure to look at websites offering a lot of options for music at cheaper rates.

Time is money. So, make a production schedule and stick to it. This schedule should include time spent scripting, shooting and editing the video. This should also have intermediary deadlines for various stages or phases involved in the video production. For instance, block out a date for the shoot to be finished and editing to start. If you’re able to complete the entire process on time, you’ll not run the risk of over budgeting.


How to Save Money on Video Production

Before you contact Sydney video production, make sure you know your goal and know what needs to be communicated through the project. It is important to communicate this goal to the professionals hired, make it very clear to them what your aim is. The more detailed you’re about your requirements, the easier it is for the company to make adjustments to it. This will help you save time and money in the production process.

So, you know your aim and have communicated it effectively – great! The next step is to tell them what the content of the video should ‘look’ like. Go through and look at videos that you’d like to follow as an example and send a sample to the video production guy. Be specific about the details and involve yourself in the production. You should make sure that you follow each step of the shooting process and if something doesn’t look good, inform the crew immediately and make changes to it. Otherwise, it is possible that you have to spend a significant amount of time and money redoing and editing the project.



Remember, if the crew is traveling from one place to another, it’s going to cost you money. So, limit the number of locations and instead of renting a studio, shoot at your office itself or look for public spaces that you can film at.

If you’re really in a cash crunch, go ahead and shoot it yourself. With great cameras available at low costs and even phone cameras providing high-quality videos, making a video project yourself isn’t a bad idea.


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