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Three Homemade Hardwood Floor Polishes

Hardwood flooring gives your house an exceptionally beautiful look. But if you don’t maintain it well, the reflective mirror finish will fade away. Apart from the regular brooming and sweeping, you must also polish the floor. Wooden floor polishing must be done at least once a year to make it look new and shiny for a much longer time. For professional service, contact the Wooden floor polishing Brisbane.


Sometimes even when you clean it regularly and polish, the floor starts to look dreary. This could be because of the toxics in the polish you’re using. We recommend that you avoid the expensive store bought polish with all the chemicals, and instead go natural. You can make the polish at your home using completely inexpensive and non-toxic products. Below are a few ways you can use to make the polish.

Let’s start with the simplest and the easiest polish to make. Warm water along with white vinegar is all you need. First, take a gallon of warm water and add half a cup of white vinegar to it. Next, take a sponge and dip it in the solution. You will have to squeeze out much of the solution back in the bucket. Now use the sponge for wooden floor polishing, don’t forget to rinse it in clean water at short intervals. Repeat this until satisfactory results are attained. This solution works best on hardwood flooring which still have some shine on them.


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The ingredients of the hardwood floor polish next in our list can be found easily in any kitchen. All you need is a cup each of vinegar and vegetable oil. Mix them together in a bowl. Ensure that you measure them with precision or you might ruin the floor. Now, dip the rag you use for cleaning into it and wipe the floor all over for stunning wooden floor polishing outcome. Next you should rinse it in clean water bucket and repeat the entire process until you apply the entire solution on the complete floor area. The extra solution on the floor should be cleaned dry with a dry piece of cloth. The solution works great for a room sized 10 by 10 feet.


This one is slightly more difficult to prepare when compared to the two listed above but it has a better finishing. You may have to go out and shop so that you have all the ingredients handy. You will need a quarter cup of beeswax (grated), boiling water, a quarter cup of turpentine and fruit extract (optional). After getting all the required ingredients, put the ¼ cup of grated beeswax in a bowl and put the bowl into boiling water. Allow it to melt. Next, add to it the turpentine and stir till everything cools down. You may want to add a fruit extract, so that it smells pleasant. Remember that the floor should be clean and not even a single speck of dust should be left before you apply the polish. Use a sponge to apply it and wipe off the extra polish. Let the floor dry for around a full day.

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