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To make latte art, espresso is first prepared with micro foam and crema. Crema is made by forcing a small quantity of boiling water through coffee beans which are finely ground. The result is a creamy concoction of coffee beans brands and water; hence the name crema. Micro foam is foamed milk which is foamed using an espresso machine.

What is Latte Art?

Latte Art is an art perfected by some coffee brewers. It is a way of making coffee by pouring steaming hot milk over espresso or highly concentrated coffee which results in a design on the surface latte or milk coffee. The resulting design can never be consistent because of the typical nature of the art and the number of external factors involved like the espresso machine and the quality and consistency of the milk.

The experience of the barista also counts for a lot. The final challenge then is the pouring of the milk in an artistic way. Some latte artists simply “draw” on the layer of foam formed on the espresso coffee.



Latte art developed differently in various countries. Presumably the art was first developed n Italy after the advent of the espresso. In America, the art first emerged in Seattle. David Schomer was one of the first artists in the United States to develop the art.

According to Schomer, the development of “milk texturing” helped in the development of latte art. When Luigi Lupi from Italy connected with Schomer from the US on the internet they exchanged videos of art made by them – Latteart and Cappuccino Decorati.