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What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is a common and serious problem. However, people who take notice of it, tend to overlook it, letting it aggravate. Dentist North Shore, well aware of this phenomenon repeatedly sound off advices as well as a warning to patients and people at large, not to take the tooth decay problem lightly. This usually happens because they may be lack of awareness on the issue, or perhaps, people are not informed of it completely.

The Basics

In simple tooth decay is basically the invasion of food bacteria, which leads to development of acids in the mouth, which consequently begin the tooth-destruction process. After you place the food in the mouth, you chew it, and ultimately consume it.

But there are certain bacteria in the foods which settle on the teeth, and if not gotten rid of, can become a plaque.

Furthermore, the acids released from the foods in the mouth, are notorious for damaging the tooth enamel. If the problem is not addressed immediately, you will soon find yourself plagued by tooth decay issues.

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The Complications


If tooth decay is overlooked, as it mostly happens, dentists warn that you could be inviting further complications to your oral health. If the issues of plaque are not cured in a timely manner then there are chances that it could lead to a bacterial infection.

As is the case with most infections, allowing this one to spread, means letting it penetrate through the tissue-gaps and blood vessels. This would invariably cause the gums to bleed.

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