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The Trendy Look

Trend setting male and female are always swooping on the lustre of a square cut diamond. The intricate facets can add glamour and glitter to your engagement. The square shaped variety is best suited for your flirty and vivacious beloved.

More facets always promise greater sparkle. Choose diamonds from Diamond Wholesalers. It will not only add radiance but will also augment the stone’s innate sparkle. Fashionistas love to sport this on their fingers and have thus revived many of the lost traditions.

Tips on Choosing the Right Diamond Shape

Countries like Russia, Africa and places like Argyle in Western Australia are rich sources of diamonds of various shapes and sizes. Diamond wholesalers from all over the world depend on them to maintain their vast inventory of diamonds.

The overall geometry is determined by its shape. Selecting the right shape will play a vital role in defining the girl’s personality.

The Classic Look

The round shaped diamond is known for its classic appeal. A classic woman can not resist her temptations to own a round cut diamond. The shape may be common, but its beauty is timeless. An engagement ring, set with the rounded brilliance, emits an unbelievable sparkle. The light emitted from the base of the stone creates a versatile look.

Select this variety for your classic woman. It will give her a modern but simple grace. Well set rounded stones can best express your heart’s desire.


Check Dealer Reputation


Often, diamond engagement rings are only as good as their dealers. As a layman, you are completely dependent on the retailer’s reputation and ethics and that is why you must purchase such precious jewellery only from reliable jewellers. Buy from a store where the salesman is not trying to impose a purchase on you irrespective of your own liking. Always check out different rings with full confidence and never feel shy to ask for relevant certifications such as dealer registration and GIA certificates for the stones. In case you are confused, ask for references of competent and trustworthy jewellers from people whom you trust. Online portals are also a great way of checking out choices available in the market according to your budget, stone colour, size, clarity and so on. In fact, it’s best to form an idea from online portals before visiting stores for actual purchase.