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Deep Discharge

Allowing a forklift battery to discharge completely may damage it completely. This condition, called a deep discharge may reduce the supply of power to the motor of the forklift. The motor and other electrical components may sustain damage.

Common Battery Repairs for Electric Forlifts

It is important to recondition forklifts battery at regular intervals to extend its life. Reconditioning a battery involves desulphation. A repair professional fills the cells with acid and performs a load and capacity test for each cell. If a cell fails this test, the specialist replaces the cell. After reconditioning, the battery performs as efficiently as a new unit does. You must have an idea on the forklift batteries that you may need.

It is prudent to take on the assistance of experienced service professionals for performing repairs on forklift batteries. Seek professional help as soon as the problem arises to preserve the life of the battery and to ensure safety at the worksite. You may get the contact details of reputable repair personnel at forklift shop.


Replacement of Cable

The cable connected to an electric forklift battery must be in excellent condition for top performance of the battery and maintaining safety standards. A damaged or cut cable may place employees working at the site at risk from electric shocks.

Cable shortage may damage cells within the battery. It is crucial to address this issue in time to prevent extensive repairs or a replacement of the entire batter0 set. A repair professional removes the worn out cable and burns a new one onto the battery.


Did you know that there are industrial cool rooms that are huge enough that even a forklift can enter into it to carry and transfer frozen foods?