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There are different styles and preferences to be sought out when looking for engagement rings. Style-savvy engagement rings have become popular in the modern days. Couples, aspiring for perfect engagement rings, have contributed a lot to this trend. It was assumed that engagement rings are a way of expression of their own feelings. This indeed provided the inspiration for the youth that diamond rings or expensive metal rings would make their wedding precious. But the fact that a perfect wedding does not lie in the preciousness engagement rings but in the hearts of the two lovers is often ignored.

Why Engagement Rings are becoming an extravagant wedding expense?

Wedding industry is getting a great make over in the past decades. New trends and cultures are getting into the heads of the couples making them aspire more and prepare vigorously for their memorable life event. Gone are the days when wedding rings were viewed as the wears to establish the wedded-bonding among couples. Today, it has become a modern trend to flaunt with the wedding and engagement rings for various reasons. Buying an expensive engagement ring has become a commitment to wedding. The cost, styles and quality of the rings have become status-showing assets in the society and this is the reason for today’s couple to be lusting after diamonds and other expensive metals for their engagement rings.

It all makes sense that engagement rings, worn in the fourth finger of your hand, will stay with you for the rest of the life. This is why couples tend to give it more importance. The significance of its meaning has brought more interest for the engaged to find the perfect one that suits both of them. Spending an exorbitant amount on engagement rings can bring unnecessary financial stress, when not being able to afford for it. The researchers have placed the blame on the trending wedding industry for creating such a hype and new standard in the past few decades about weddings. The wedding marketers have successfully conquered the hearts of the modern couples through enticing ad campaigns, magazines and inflated prices that would encourage brides and grooms to spend a lot on this stuff.


There are also some valid reasons for choosing diamonds as engagement rings. As diamonds are long durable than any other stone, it is a really a good option to opt for. Moreover, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime event and so, spending a lot for it does not matter for many. Diamonds are more often associated with ‘love’ than any other jewelry and since engagement rings are thought to express one’s love and bonding for another, this trends can be considered as a perfect choice and expression of love.