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Safety Tips When Staying In Your Family Accommodation

When you go with your family on a vacation, the one thing that you should never forget is to book your family accommodation on Norfolk Island. You will surely need a place where you can sleep as well as rest while you are on your vacation. However, you must also ensure your safety as well as the safety of your family whenever you occupy a specific establishment. For this matter, here are some safety tips that can help you ensure such safety.

Before you even choose a specific family accommodation on Norfolk Island, you will have to do your own research first as to the overall security of the place. To do so, you might want to read on travel advisories and warnings for such place. You also need to look at where exactly the establishment is located. You should make sure that the neighborhood is not one where most assaults and break-ins could possibly happen. A police station should be within close proximity to the place where you will stay. This way, you will be able to report any incident immediately.

You should not also forget the security measures that the hotel takes in order to ensure the safety of all the guests. They must set up security cameras in strategic corners of the establishment so that they can record events that might help them with future investigations, if the need arises. The security personnel must also inspect the vehicles that enter and exit the gates of the establishment. Most importantly, you must make sure that non guests will not reach the floors where the guestrooms are.




You should let a trusted relative or a close friend know your itinerary for emergency purposes. You also have to save the contact numbers of the local police just in case you encounter any unwanted situation. You should also make sure to produce copies of your travel papers and bring the photocopies with you, not the original ones.

Once you reach the family accommodation on Norfolk Island where you will be staying, you have to choose a room on the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth floor, as per recommendation by many travel experts. It will be difficult for robbers to break into these floors yet these are accessible by firemen in case of a fire. If possible, other guests should not know the number of your room.

When you reach your room, you should immediately check the locks if they are working. If not, you must immediately report such situation to the front desk. You also need to familiarize yourself with an escape path that leads to the fire exit.

You should not leave the door open, even for just a matter of seconds. Instead, you should always lock the door when you and your family go out as well as when you will go to sleep. When someone knocks on your door, you must not open it right away. You should use the peephole to take a look at the face of the person. If you do not expect anyone to visit your room, then, you can call the front desk to check and confirm the identity of such individual.

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