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Essential Information to Obtain When Building a Granny Flat

Part of building a granny flat is getting a certificate from local council. You will also be informed of the restrictions and regulations which you need to follow. You can obtain a planning certificate from your local council so you will know more about these restrictions. You do not have to do the entire analysis on your own as you can also hire Granny flats Perth to help you. Getting an approval from council will depend on the size of your flat. If it is not big, there is no need to gain council approval. What you need to obtain is the approval from a private certifier and this can only take around 10 days as compared to local council certificate which can take up to 8 weeks depending on the requirements that you need to comply with.

All You Need To Know About Putting Up Granny Flats

If your residential property still has some extra spaces, you can convert them into granny flats. However, it is important that you thoroughly understand the process involved in building them so you will not encounter problems in the future. The designs of your flat will greatly depend on the space you have, but you must keep in mind that it should not take up more than 60% of your property space. A granny flat is advantageous because it is easy and quick to build. It will only take around 12 weeks to build these secondary dwellings.


Secondary dwellings should have the same owner as the primary dwelling. You are only entitled to one granny flat for each residential property. You are also restricted from building it on an unoccupied land. The reason for immense popularity of granny flats is the fact that they provide independence and extra income. It is not as expensive as building a primary dwelling but it provides the same comfort.

A granny flat is a great alternative if you are planning to add another bedroom. It is not as costly as renovating the entire house. You can also turn it into a hobby space as it does not interfere with any house space you have. If you also need to make extra income, you can rent out your granny flat. It is a good investment as it appreciates through the years. If you are planning to build your office at your own home, you can also use a granny flat as your personal space. Not only will it save you on renting a commercial space but will also help you save on travel expenses.