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Who are you?

If you are someone who lives in an expensive neighborhood and you have a house with complicated plumbing or electrical system, you will most probably pay more for the service of a handyman compared to those who are living in a low income area. Generally, this is fair because the handyman is just trying to cover his expenses. The rent in high income areas is more expensive than those in low income areas so the handyman will naturally charge more.

How Much Does a Handyman Charge?

How much is the average fee of a handyman? Why do they charge differently? These are just a few questions regarding handyman services. Unlike other professions that charge uniformly, the handyman charges his customers according to various factors.

Who are you hiring?

If you are looking for a skilled handyman with complete training and experience plus insurance, you have to expect to pay more than a person with no license charges. You need to be wary of the people who post ads online offering their services. Remember that a professional handyman from Building Maintenance Gold Coast has a license either in maintenance, masonry, electronics, plumbing, or sealing. Someone who is not licensed and trained may charge less but it is highly possible that you will get a substandard result, or worse, spending more to correct the poor workmanship.

What type of job do you want to be done?


If you are hiring a handyman to do a simple job like garbage removal, you will pay less than if you are going to have him work on something that requires heavy machinery like a pressure cleaner. Most handymen charge different fees but they usually have a base rate and then just add a surcharge for the equipment or a special skill.

How do you get a fair price?

The secret to getting the best possible price from a handyman is to talk to him nicely. Ask him about his experience and training and if he provides a warranty. Ask him to explain the breakdown of cost or charges. An experienced professional handyman will be very glad to answer your questions. He will be able to explain things well to you and will be as honest with his answers as possible.


They are also capable of dealing with different home repairs - roofing, flooring, plumbing and so on.