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Luxury Lovers

For family members concerned with luxury and class, Bora Bora isn’t short on that, either. Stay in the magnificent resort with all its modern design and comfort, or out in the beach bungalows to take the idea of luxury to a whole new level. With king and queen size beds, modern furniture, and glass floors that give incredible views of the light infused ocean water below are anything but rustic.


Why The Bora Bora Holiday Package Is The Perfect Family Trip

Sometimes it’s hard to agree on a family vacation because everyone has different ages and different interests. Although some vacation packages seem to lend themselves to just one age group, the Bora Bora Holiday Package is the perfect for all ages.

Adventure Seekers

For active family members, old and young, there’s plenty of options on Bora Bora. Snorkel with sea creatures on the barrier reef, coming face to face with velvety sting rays and adorable sea turtles, or kayak and canoe around the shore or further out into the ocean. Swim laps, or play a game of volleyball in the water or on the sand. Take a break from the beach and hike up one of the two mountain peaks in the middle of the island, and explore the cave at the top. With so many options, the Bora Bora holiday package is perfect for adventure lovers.

Beach Bums

There are plenty of low-key options for family members looking to relax and do nothing, who have limited mobility, or are inherently given to the more introverted lifestyle, too. Lie in a hammock between two palm trees and read a book or sun tan out on the secluded beaches.


Pamper Prone Princess and Princesses

Living in luxury is one thing, pampering another. For family members who want a royal treatment and attendants, the Bora Bora holiday package offers a spa treatment. Get ready to lie back in comfort for massage after massage, facials, and a whole body treatment that will rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

Food Fanatics

There’s someone in everyone’s family who loves taking out their cameras at every meal to take a picture for Instagram or snapchat. Although food might not be considered the main attraction of Bora Bora, foodies will still revel in the gourmet options and tropical fruity drinks.

Bora Bora really is an island paradise, and just for some, for everyone. With so much appeal, choosing the Bora Bora holiday package for your family getaway is a no-brainer.