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Design and drafting

The bulk of engineers who pass out of industrial mechanical engineering courses are employed in the design and drafting segments. This discipline focuses on technical drawing for creating instructions intended for manufacturing highly specialised parts. These drawings are usually made with the help of CAD/CAM .Mechanical engineers manufacture engineering parts for spray coatings, industrial finishes and other technical processes. Finite element analysis is an important discipline which stems from design and drafting.

Types of Services or Jobs a Qualified Mechanical Engineer Can be Hired For

Mechanical engineering is a multi disciplinary technical subject which borrows heavily from the subjects of physics, material technology, engineering design, and maintenance of machines and manufacturing of machines. The production of heat and mechanical power are also integral parts of mechanical engineering. A mechanical engineer must have strong ideas about mechanics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and electricity. Modern day industrial mechanical engineering students are well versed in the usage of Computer aided design. There is great demand of mechanical engineers in the market and here are the kinds of jobs they are suitable for.

Acoustical engineering

The application of mechanical engineering into acoustics is called acoustical engineering. This discipline basically focuses on sound and vibration as subjects. Engineers are employed in the acoustics industry to control or regulate the noise pollution levels, soundproofing buildings, removing unwanted background noise from theatres etc. Headphones, earphones, I pods, recording studio equipment etc are all developed by proper application of Acoustics.



Engineering students rarely think of joining research institutes but the research industry is now one of the most promising sectors or engineers. Safe, cost effective and highly efficient machines can be made by cutting edge research based on the principles of mechanical engineering or exploratory engineering.

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