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Go Ahead and Hire a Printer

A research done by sociology students at the Kenyan Kenyatta University not so long ago, proved that every day, at least 12000 events are held all over the world. When this report was published in mid-January, it met a lot of skeptical views as no one had ever thought of such a high number of social events ever being held in a single day. Logically, above 80% of the people who attend these events own smart phones, and above 65% are all over social websites, Instagram being on top of the list. This evidently creates an opportunity for instagram printer hire.

With this wild crowd of photo lovers for a current generation, sharing photos and videos has been an obvious hobby for almost all. An average of 5000 pictures can be taken and shared on Instagram by moderately social people at events, and 8000 pictures in approximate total if other non-social fora are included. These statistics have increasingly attracted the attention of highly ambitious business people and most of them are making out ways to earn from this. Andrew Zolty, Mattias Gunneras and Michael Lipton saw an opportunity in web-connected and photography based products, and started their own company, now known as Instaprint, based in Brooklyn, New York, making photography-based machines, and in our case, hashtag printers or Instagram printers after a long struggle. The co-founder of Instagram, Mike Kruger, came out and sponsored the team. That was the beginning of the Instagram printer hire business.



The working of the machine is simple. An event is held and branded a specific name for this purpose, say ‘happytimes’. Anybody at the event takes a picture with any device and uploads it to his or her Instagram account profile with the hashtag, #happytimes. The picture, in less than 20 seconds, is printed by the Instagram printer with the branded name, then the pictures kept by the guests as souvenir.

From 2011, Instagram printer hire has become a booming business venture. Albeit expensive, the excitement they create make events’ guests more than willing to pay for them. The income accrued to these machines is unimaginably high. Printing a single picture, when the machine was still new to people, was $1.2. But still people used it. Now that it is all over the world, and its demand increasing, printing a single picture costs $1.6. An average of 100 people can print their pictures at events on a single machine in half an hour. That’s a total of $160 in less than an hour! This means that a single machine can make more than $2000 in a day, at a well attended event! What if they were 10!

Over the years, instagram printer hire Melbourne has become a golden goose to ambitious business people.