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2. Ask the company if the employees are covered under a company provided health insurance. Confirming this will benefit you in case a cleaner hurts him/herself while on the job. Do not consider a cleaning service that does not have their employees covered under a health insurance.

Tips on Selecting the Best Office Cleaning Services

Some businessmen owe a tiny percentage of their business’ success to the cleanliness of their office building. And when you are running a business, even a tiny percentage counts. A clean office building promotes a healthy environment and encourages employees to work more efficiently as their no distraction of unclean tables or dust in the premises and they feel safe working in a sanitary office. There are numerous quality office cleaning services to choose from but deciding which one to go for can be a tricky task. Here are a few tips that would help you make an informed decision when looking a quality cleaning service for your office.

1. Research online and look for a couple of office cleaning services in your area. Talk to these companies and ask for a price quote. Most of these companies will seek your permission for an on-site visit to determine the work your office requires. Once they see the building they should be ready to share an estimated price quote and would also inform you of the services they’ll be providing. Their package may include services like mopping, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning carpets sanitizing toilets etc. Ask about special services if your office requires any like wall cleaning, polishing etc. Try not to compromise on the price as low-priced service won’t be worthwhile and would probably out to be a waste of time and money.

3. Read the terms and conditions of a few office cleaning services before making a final decision. All of these cleaning services will offer almost similar services but little things may make a difference. For example is the company allowing a month trial before locking a contract for 1 or more years?

4. During a face-to-face conversation with the head of the company ask questions pertaining to their experience in the business, what machineries or tools they use for the cleaning procedure or what process do they follow to clean or sanitize the office building. Follow this Q&A course with a 3-4 office cleaning services and go for the most experienced company.

5. Lastly, ask the concerned person to provide you with at least 3-5 references. A legitimate company should not have a problem sharing references of their work. Talk to their past or present clients and take their feedback about the service provided to them.