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Below are some of the most common problems with shade sails:

- They sag easily. Obviously the reason of this problem is when you will opt for the cheaper version of the product. the thing about these shade sails is when they sag in the middle, they are really very disagreeable to look at and chances are they will look like waste baskets collecting debris from trees or whatever dirt carried by the air. Another reason is when the rigging is with poor quality. This happens when again the shade sail is cheaper. For the company to sell it in much lower rate, they will use instead a rope type as their rigging material.

- It will easily develop holes. Another result of poor quality shade sails. Because of the cheap material, chances are it will easily stretch and is therefore become less resistant to natural elements. Especially if the weather will become so hot then all of a sudden it will rain, with cheap material, it will surely break easily.

- Poor stitching. This happens when the company forgot to consider how important stitching is to these things. They only focus on the material but not the stitching. Since shade sails will usually experience lots of tensions like moving, stretched, its stitching should be very durable to endure them all.

Things you Need to Know About Shade Sails

There is no denying that shade sails are in demand nowadays. It is because they have many uses and they can enhance the look where they are used. Aside from that, they are also more affordable when used as roofing for your garage, swimming pools, verandahs, backyard and other places where the harmful rays of the sun can penetrate. But just like almost everything, shade sails are not perfect creations. Though they have many plus points, they have also some negative ones that everyone must watch out.

Shade structures in Brisbane are designed for your pools, car parks, driveways, etc.


- They easily get dirty. This is understandable though as most of them are exposed to almost every natural element. But if your shade sail is in dark colors, they may actually be dirty but they won’t look that way easily compared to light colored ones. Anyway, if you notice your shade sail is already shouting for soap, you can always brush them with clean water and soap.

- Though they are meant to survive natural elements as they are usually installed outside, still they can hardly withstand storms. They are not that durable to endure such kind of calamity. But the good thing is they can be uninstalled if ever storm signals will be announced.

If you want to value your hard earned money, then go directly for something that will really last. Of course if the product is more expensive, chances are they are of better quality and can last longer than the cheaper ones. So, if you have the money, why hassle yourself with the fuss of having to purchase another shade sail anytime soon just because the one you bought did not last long.