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• Be mindful of the currency exchange rates when you are going to be shipping US to Australia. Be wary of international freight forwarders who may inflate the exchange rate just so they can charge you with a higher price. Before asking them for a quote, make sure that you have made some research about the dollar exchange rate.

Tips When Availing the Services of A Shipping to Australia from USA Firm

Shipping US to Australia can be done with the help of freight forwarders. These firms help both buyers and sellers because they make the delivery of products possible and fast. Unfortunately, the freight forwarders usually do not have any influence when it comes to shipping rates sense they have to deal with customs duties and other things involved in the import and export business.


There are also firms that offer Shipping US to Australia services that may engage in illegal activities in order to gain better profit. If you are inexperienced and not familiar with the international shipping process they may take advantage of you. It is therefore important to have ample knowledge about how you can ship items

internationally without the need to pay unnecessary fees. Here are some tips on how to get the best fee when shipping US to Australia:

• Always check the Bill of Lading. Some freight forwarders may declare the incorrect different size, volume, or weight of a package. Make sure that they do not over declare this information. Packages with over declared size or weight will be charged higher than they should be.


• Ask for a reasonable discount. There will be times that when shipping US to Australia, the actual weight of your package will be higher than its volumetric weight. In instances like this, try to ask the forwarder to give you a reasonable discount.

• Choose the cheapest option. Firms offering shipping US to Australia will usually present you with different options when it comes to the route and the transit time. If you are not in a hurry, choose a slower transit time as this will be much cheaper than quicker transit time.

There are many firms that offer shipping US to Australia. Find the one that will not try to trick you. Follow the above tips so you will get the best deal from US shipping to Australia.