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Stormwater tanks control the flow

The quantity of water becomes so much that all the sewers under the city gets filled up and waste water starts surfacing on the roads and even start entering the houses. Of course the water is dirty and creates a lot of bad smell and raises health concerns. Stormwater tanks play a big role in preventing the level of water inside the sewers from going out of control. These tanks effectively store some part of the rain water falling on the city and thus reduce the overall amount of water going inside the underground pipes.

Stormwater Tanks 

The space under the ground is not limitless. It is dig in order to place sewer pipes so that the movement of waste water can be easily manoeuvred to go out of the city. There are many contributors who add their share of waste water into these sewers. They can be from residential area, commercial area or industrial area. The sewers are designed in such a way that they easily handle the flow of these waters. But nature doesn’t follow the plans made by people. Every once in a while the clouds above the earth unload the water stored in them and add to the sewers, causing the water to overflow. Stormwater tanks help in preventing the overflowing from occurring.

Can also be used for human needs

The rainwater contains a lot of impurities and harmful acids, though in very small quantities. Therefore direct contact of the water with human beings should be avoided as much as possible. However, there are some filters being developed which will be capable of removing almost all the impurities from the water being stored in the stormwater tanks and making it suitable for human purposes like drinking, bathing and so on. Thus the rainwater, if stored properly, can be of great use to people.