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Some buildings are also built with floors made of suspended timber and brick foundation. Buildings like this rely on their foundation as termite barrier. Buildings with older timber footings that are already rotten or broken are very prone to termite entry. The problem is there is no termite treatment or barrier possible for this part of the building. Once termites enter the building through the bottom stump, they will go up to the main building even if the owner already applied chemical termite barrier.

How Chemical Soil Termite Barrier Works

Once termites have been successfully removed from your home using effective termite treatment methods, it is recommended that chemical termite barrier be applied to reduce the possibility of the termites reentering the property in the future. How chemical soil termite barriers are applied depends on two things: the design of the building and the type of chemical used.

Majority of buildings use chemical soil termite barrier are used to provide protection from termite invasion. Other elements used as termite barrier are the building components themselves. For example, buildings constructed on concrete bars are treated with chemical termite barrier. It is therefore important the concrete bars are sturdy and powerful enough to protect the whole building from termite entry.



There are limitations to chemical soil termite barrier but they are excellent in providing protection to many structures. The secret is to be able to know when it is possible to protect a structure using chemical soil termite barrier and when it’s not. Termites Gold Coast can decide about this if you call them for an assessment of your property. Click here.