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Market great deals 

The average attention span of the Internet user is about 7 seconds so you have to think of attractive schemes that manage to capture customer attention in this super short time frame. If you don’t manage to capture user interest they will simply navigate away to websites of your competitors.  

See Coffee Beans

Essential Features to Have in Your New Website 

You may want to add a load of features to your brand new Website, but you have to know which ones will work and which ones will not. The main point behind adding features to a Website is to attract people and retain them as customers. There are some specific features that you can incorporate in your Website to increase your popularity quotient.  

Create a simple URL 

The URL of your Website should be easy to remember. While securing the URLs try to keep that in mind since the name is the main identification of a business and it acts as the association link of the products for the customers. Hence names are quite critical in the creation of identity and success of the company. Ask Web design Sunshine Coast to create a simple and catchy URL for your Website. 

Easy payment options 


When shoppers go online, always remember that are not looking for complicated things. So a convenient payment method is a good feature to be included in a Website. Also in the payment promote factors like privacy, trust and security so that the users feel safe against the rampant Internet forgery. Include a privacy statement for handling of the personal information of the customers. A good payment gateway is a boost to customer satisfaction and retention levels. 

If you have a business that you want to promote, ask your web designer to create a trade show display.


For patent application, you need to go to IP Protection Australia.


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