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● Choose you style- this refers to how you would wish your wedding photos to appear. There are various styles when it comes to wedding photography, and it all comes down to what the couple fancies. There is the traditional style, where couples just take traditional poses, and the photographer takes the photos. The entire event`s photography will be on a traditional theme. Then there is the modern style which incorporates complex and stylish posing methods and styles, and the couple gets the opportunity to play around with various techniques of posing, while the photographer plays around with creativity while directing the photo session. In the modern style, there are no rules; in fact you have to break almost all the photography rules and think outside the box in order to accomplish it well. Then there is the photojournalistic style, which is very funky, because it relies heavily on bringing out the emotion on each and every picture. As a photographer, you must be able to capture the emotion in each and every photo. This style is very suitable for a wedding, because the event is all about emotions, with love being at the top.

Important things to consider on wedding photography

Wedding photography is one of the most crucial roles in any photographer’s career. There is no room for mistakes, because the event only happens once and it is therefore crucial to get everything right. Mistakes could be very costly for both parties. When it comes to wedding photography, it is not enough to get some of your friends or family to do the job, not unless they are professional wedding photographers. It is also not enough to just outsource any other type of professional photographer, such as a magazine photographer, model photographer or any other type of photographer; you need a person who professionally deals with wedding photography.

Factors to consider before choosing a wedding photographer:



● Creativity – creativity is a must have quality for anyone who intends to excel in Wedding Photography. It entails having that creative eye which is able to bring out the best out of very photo that you take. It also involves knowing certain things about wedding photography, which will ensure that your work evokes certain emotions. This involves knowing which angles bring out the couple`s physical features well in a photo, knowing the exact time to take a photo, because sometimes you will only have seconds to capture certain emotions. Creativity also comes in handy when editing the photos after the event, because you need to know what to discard and use your imagination to bring out the best out of the photos.

● Bold- wedding photography is all about being bold. As photographer, you have to be bold enough, so as to take photos from all angles. This sometimes requires lying down, standing up when everyone else is quiet, and having to take photos during the most intense periods of the wedding. Best wedding photographer Sydney will not be carried away by emotions, and forget about their job.


Hire a photobooth for your wedding day!


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