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Selecting Window Film for your Windows

All films available are not suitable for window tinting. There are many things to consider while selecting film for your window, like the absorbance of glass and film, the dimensions of your window pane, construction of windows and the concentration of the glass. First one needs to ensure the type of window do you have if it is a single paned window,or treated with a coating that has low thermal emissivity, or if has insulated glass, or if has lamination or if it has been toughened?


Taking advice from expert Melbourne window tinting on how to select the right kind of film is very important to ensure that window tinting will not break the glass because of any undue stress caused by heat applied during tinting process. It is also possible that your glass will break even with the proper application of the right film because your window pane can get damaged during glazing.


Proper care of edges of glass must be taken care of because the glass may get cracked if edges of glass are damaged. Glass may also get cracked when pressure us applied during sign writing or if there are thick drapes hanging too close which are too heavy and hot for the glass. Thieves can also easily break in and alarm system is needed at home.



There is various kind of window tinting available for different purposes. For example security films that are applied to prevent glass from shattering, these films are made of heavy gauge plastic and are designed to maintain the integrity of glass. Most robust security films can also sustain the impact of high forces such as bomb blast. Another type of window tinting is carried out by using switchable films that can be switched from opaque to clear by using voltage. When in opaque state it can be used as a projector screen that is visible from both sides. Graphic design films are also popular because of its availability in a range of colors. These films are generally colored vinyl or frosted. Frosted films do resemble sand blasted or etched glass and is a cheap alternative to that. Tese kind of films are used for commercial applications.


Undoubtedly window tinting blocks heat and other rays but it also exhibits some unintended features. There are certain conditions when a window film does exhibit iridescence. Iridescence is the property of certain surfaces that appear to change color as the angle of illumination changes. This event normally happens during the night, when the main source of lighting is through a flourscent bulb or lamp. The amount of iridescence exhibited by any film varies from almost imperceptible to very visible. It occurs frequently when a film is specially constructed with scratch resistance protection. The most logical way to go around this is to use an alternative type of light.

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