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Wooden Flooring is the Best for You

Maintaining wooden flooring can be easy or very difficult depending on the type of surface that one has and the kind of punishment it gets on a regular basis. Some wood floors are barely touched while some are unfortunate to have had heavy furniture dragged across it. Normal cleaning to keep the floors sparklingly clean should be the main lookout. That means wooden flooring Melbourne should be cleaned and waxed just before it loses its original shine. In unfortunate spots that got dented by falling objects or heavy steel furniture being dragged across it, the recommendation is to keep it clean and prevent dirt build up in the cavities at all times.

For those interested in DIY methods of restoring dented floors, here’s what a blogger did when he remembered a former teacher’s tip. He started by looking for a hidden dent to test his old trick. This step is crucial because one will never know if this trick will work on all types of flooring and all finishes. It is best to experiment on a hidden area so that any further damage will not be an eyesore to others. He poured some water to wet the dented spots, got a wet paper towel (or piece of cloth) and placed it on top of the dented spots. He then took out a clothes iron and placed it on high. As soon as the iron was hot, he ironed the wet paper towel in a circular motion for several minutes and was very careful not to leave the iron in any particular spot. This is quite important because leaving the iron stationary in one spot might cause burning of the wooden flooring.



The process created a lot of steam as water evaporated. When he looked at the spot beneath the paper and the dent had lifted and flattened. Using the same experiment in another type of wooden flooring was not as successful since the floor has deep scratches and dirt had already built up. The floor was semi restored after the ironing process but he had to sand it back to place. The result was a flat clean flooring but there were bits of dark marks left.

For those who are not interested or do not have time to conduct the same experiment, it is recommended to get an experienced carpenter to get the job done in his wooden flooring. Carpenters handle various types of wood every day and they are in the best position to help.

And if you find yourself having problem cleaning your floors, contact a cleaning service to help you with it.

For your tile floorings, its better to hire a professional tile and grout cleaners to make sure that you will have a clean floors.