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Tree Services in Brisbane

Tree pruning and tree removal services are usually offered by tree service companies. You need to hire the services of a tree removal company if you have lots of trees on your property. Sometimes after a fierce storm, fallen trees, broken branches hanging precariously from utility lines or dead/uprooted trees can pose a hazard to life and property.

Tree Trimming

All tree service contractors do not offer the same set of services. If you are looking for tree pruning, you need to hire a tree servicing specialist who also doubles up as an Arborist tree consultant. This is to ensure that the ‘specialist’ actually knows how to remove dead limbs, prune, and trim the edges and tops selectively to maintain the shape of the trees and plants.

Those who do not possess this knowledge will chop off your tree branches blindly and butcher your favourite plants, worst they may cause accidents and personal injury that may lead to legal actions. This will cause your trees and shrubs to grow up with a haphazard shape. Some plants may even die or become diseased.

Tree Pruning and trimming a tree is a lot like trimming your own hair. Just as you won’t trust your tresses to a bad hairstylist, you shouldn’t leave your trees in the hands of ignorant tree servicers. The staff should know how to care for a live tree and identify health issues.



Tree Removal

A tree removal expert does not have to possess as much knowledge as an arborist, but he should quickly and efficiently remove uprooted, unsightly or dead trees without causing any more damage to you and your neighbours’ properties. Make sure that they remove every last debris.

Regardless of the specific tasks performed by a tree service company, the staff should be licensed, bonded and insured. Every tree service company that offers tree trimming services should keep an arborist on their payroll. Ask for free quotes from several companies to find the best price deal. Know how to dispose your rubbish properly. See Skip bin Hire



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