Tree lopping is an umbrella term for anything that you do with trees to prevent it from doing any harm, damage or obstacle on your simple, daily life. It can be from pruning leaves to removing them entirely. For a professional arborist, it would mean cutting out its parts that might fall off, or simply removing a larger branch that might get in a neighbour’s view.

What we first need to ask is its necessity. Is it needed for the tree to be trimmed? Do you want to maintain a park with the same shape of the leaves altogether but just couldn’t do it yourself? Is it too old that it frequently falls over by itself? Consider also the risks their branches might pose before calling in a contractor for a solution.

Next, we need to look over is other options. Sometimes, pruning is not enough, and doing it without professional assistance may have it result in severe accidents and injuries. Make tree removal the last resort just because it’s blocking your window view. If your place frequently experiences heavy rainfall and tropical storms, you might to highly consider pruning, to lessen any heavy property damage.

It’s indeed advisable, especially when you don’t have the right equipment and training to cut or hew down the trees yourself. If you know that there’s an available lumberjack within 24 hours in your area, you won’t need to pick up a ladder and a hand saw to do it yourself.

You might also consider the cost needed for the job. What I would recommend is to weigh between you doing lopping yourself without costing you much or letting someone do it. The former can lead to accidents whilst the latter allows you to watch how a branch is pruned or removed from afar with almost zero risks of accidents.

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