Divorce Law

Central KY Lawyers operate on a solid base of making sure you understand your rights. Once you understand what a practical result looks like, you can then start planning the terms of your own objectives and the ways to go about achieving them.

The processes used to reach an agreement as to the terms of the divorce by you and your spouse with the help of our professional divorce lawyers, without having a judge decide the terms of the divorce, to which both parties may not be satisfied. Talk to our divorce lawyers and discuss the pro’s and con’s of the various alternatives which is best for you.

Divorce Settlements

Prepare yourself for difficult financial times. Splitting ones household in two always involves at least temporary financial difficulties for one or both parties. You should have backup funds and other resources available and identified if possible, such as temporary accommodation with family.

Identify any expenditures that can be trimmed or halted while the divorce process is ongoing. Ask our divorce lawyers for a financial planner recommendation if you do not have a professional with which to plan out a budget.

Divorce Lawyers

As family lawyers, contact us for expert legal aid, otherwise the stress and uncertainty of your situation can lead to unrealistic goals, misunderstandings of your legal position, and counter productive divorce strategies.

Divorce lawyer provides legal advice and services for clients seeking an uncontested resolution to their divorce.

There are changes in assets and estates after a divorce. Changes that occur must then be applied in your will to avoid any estate disputes in the event of death. Update your will, and let your Wills and Estate Lawyers guide you through it.