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Taking Family members to court is a harrowing experience and can permanently scar family ties and relationships. Hire lawyers that know how to treat the situation with care, so as not to jeopardize family ties further.

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Our Family lawyers are trained professionals that understand the complexity of the law as well as the complexity of your emotions when family issuses arise. If you need a family lawyer, try Central KY Lawyers.

Family Law

Collaborative Law

Unlike the personal injuries cases for example, our family lawyers are also trying a new method of mediation called "Collaborative Law".

In collaborative law, clients and lawyers agree that they will try to avoid court as much as possible, but will share information voluntarily and work cooperatively toward a settlement.

If you wish to pursue a collaborative discussion, our family lawyers will take cases only where the other spouse has also hired a collaborative family lawyer. Both lawyers must sign an agreement that, if the case cannot be settled, the parties must hire other lawyers to pursue litigation. This removes the lawyers' financial incentive to go to court and encourages everyone to settle earlier and obtain a more pleasant outcome.


Family Lawyers

Central KY's Family lawyers are qualified to represent in the family court and the federal magistrate's court of Brisbane. Our experience with family law and the family court of Brisbane ensures that you get the best possible outcome.

We handle everything from property settlements, child custody and access disputes to maintenance issues and Divorce. However, we don't do Computer Repairs Gold Coast. We are familiar with the new family law rules introduced recently by the family court of Brisbane, which encourages openness and swiftness in family law procedures.


Save your family from disputes and protect your investments in the event of death. Succession planning and Wills must be prepared correctly.

Family Law

In Family Law issues All family lawyers are required to disclose all material relevant to the child's welfare whether or not it is in their client's interests, during court proceedings. The family law council's best practice guidelines encourage legal practitioners to adopt practices focused on protecting the child's welfare, such as alerting clients to the benefits for children of parental cooperation.

Divorce lawyer helps to provide accurate legal advice about the rights and obligations of the client, and to advance and protect the client's interests to the best of their ability.