Nowadays businesses put a lot of investments in their website. Some hire a professional web designer or engineer and some put time and effort to design their own site. Why is it so special? Web designing plays a crucial role for business, you have to do it right or else it will have big impact in your business considering that internet plays a major role in the business world today.

Some basic things to consider in designing your site:

Fonts should not be too small or too big, just big enough so the readers will not have a hard time to read.

Colors of texts and background must be neither too light nor too dark, a professional looking website should have a clean background, and we can consider just plain color white for the background.

Images and logos are important for pictures speak thousand of words. Using High quality images are a must and it should be with relevance to your business or products.

The sample list above is just some of the basics that is needed and I tell you, there are a lot more to consider, but what I would like to emphasize is that the most important of all is the responsiveness of your website.

If you are a business owner, you must put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Imagine being excited in buying something in your favorite store, when you are about to open the site suddenly the page freezes, takes a while to load and there are a lot of information that are not important. Would your excitement be the same while waiting or would you just hit back button and select a website which is more responsive and easy to navigate? People have a very small attention span and that is why if the page is unresponsive or if there is just a second of delay, people would automatically get discourage, hit quit or back button instantly and find another website who offers convenience and ease of access. That would turn into loss of profits or market loss for your business. You would not like that for sure.

Especially nowadays, you have to consider responsiveness not only to your regular website but also in using different mobile devices. Your business should be equipped also with a responsive mobile website because 80% of American owns a smart phones, Iphones and tablets. Now if your business is not equipped with a mobile website with a responsive web design, then you have to expect that there will be low return of investments. Why not hire Sydney website design to improve the page rank of your business.