Learn More About Your Central KY Lawyers

Our team specialises in various legal cases, from divorce and maintenance issues to access disputes, child custody and property settlements. We have years of experience in dealing with these court cases and are familiar with the latest laws that have been recently introduced. Our works have saved a lot of families from disputes and safeguarded their investments just in case something bad were to happen to them.

How does your law firm handle family issues?

Every family lawyer must disclose all evidence and exhibits which are related to the welfare of the child (even if it is not in the interest of the client) during the court hearings. According to the best practice guidelines of the family law counsel, legal practitioners are urged to implement practices which concentrate on defending the welfare of the child. This includes alerting the clients to the amenities for the children of parental cooperation.

What about divorce settlements?

Our expert divorce lawyers help our clients with the procedures for reaching a settlement which satisfies both parties that are ready to separate. We do advise our clients to be ready with their finances since parting the house in two sections will almost always lead to one or both groups having brief money problems. It is best for the client to stay with his or her family for the meantime whilst any backup funds are being used.

“The Central KY Lawyers function on a firm foundation of ensuring that you are aware of your legal rights and that you understand them. Once you are familiar with a practical result, planning the conditions of your own goals, as well as the methods used for reaching them, can begin.”

Consulting the Central KY Lawyers will take away some of the uncertainty and stress involved in the situation, as this can result in divorce strategies which are counterproductive, misunderstandings regarding your legal stand and objectives which are not feasible.

Does your team cover personal injuries?

As far as the corporate world is concerned, the majority of lawsuits for personal injury stem from medical malpractice or a simple slip and fall at the workplace. A person can be sued in the event of a vehicular accident. Finally, a homeowner may need to go to court to settle a lawsuit because his or her neighbour got injured due to a tree removal service mishap.

Once the Central KY Lawyers are on the case, we make it a priority to give our clients nothing but excellent service. Our team is highly trained in assessing injuries and making sure that the clients’ rights are being recognised. Feel free to look at our track record against some major brands and public figures