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Dividing property among family members is always tricky; especially so when there is lack of cordiality among the involved parties. A family lawyer can help you on cases such as dividing pension between estranged partners, spousal maintenance or splitting of property that was bought jointly.

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You can hire an immigration lawyer. You can also join migration support groups like Migrtae 101.You will find fellow immigrants sharing advice, tips, news and advice about the immigration process with each other. However if you have some confidentiality issues you can consider using a different name or an alias.

How to Immigrate to Australia

If your company is setting you up in Australia with an immigration package then you won’t have much to worry about. However if you are migrating with the hope of starting a business or finding employment then you have to gather details about the local business environment.

The laws governing entrepreneurship and work will be different from your native country and you will have to spend some time familiarising yourself with the local business environment. Understand whether your skills, competencies and talents will find a good demand in Australia.

Breaking the news back home

You might be thrilled to bits that you are immigrating to Australia but don’t expect your friends, relatives and acquaintances to show the same reaction as your immigration lawyer. You will probably hear exclamations of delight from some and sad sighs from others.

Be considerate towards people who show reactions of abandonment, sadness, jealousy or despair. After all your decision to move will affect people who are close to you. Don’t expect people to visit you frequently as many people would be put off by the huge distance and their personal health issues.

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