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Dividing property among family members is always tricky; especially so when there is lack of cordiality among the involved parties. A family lawyer can help you on cases such as dividing pension between estranged partners, spousal maintenance or splitting of property that was bought jointly.

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Family lawyers are also indispensible in cases involving family violence, pre-nuptial agreements or live-in arrangements. When the sentiments of your loved ones are concerned, it’s best to depend on experienced lawyers to handle the situation.

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In Australia, you can file for separation if your marriage was legalized here, if either both or any one partner is a citizen of this nation or if both of you have been residents for more than one year.

The Federal Magistrates Court of Australia accepts petitions for divorce or annulment directly from the parties but hiring a lawyer is particularly beneficial.

Being well conversant in family law, a lawyer will ensure that you get all your rights and benefits and also negotiate on alimony. Moreover, laws on divorce are updated regularly and only a good lawyer is aware of the new rules and their relevance in your case.

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Family disputes involving children are particularly traumatic. In case you are separating from your spouse, you will want to ensure your custodial or visitation rights. It is also important to shields your child/children from unnecessarily painful episodes, especially in the court.

A family lawyer understands the plight of young minds and protecting them is always his/her first priority. You can also consult family lawyers on matters of adoption, disputed parentage, negligence of parental responsibilities and disputed parentage.