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Dividing property among family members is always tricky; especially so when there is lack of cordiality among the involved parties. A family lawyer can help you on cases such as dividing pension between estranged partners, spousal maintenance or splitting of property that was bought jointly.

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Standard Patent

This type of patent will last up to 20 years. You need to go to the website of intellectual property protection Australia (also known as IP Australia) and click on the section for patent application information. You will find a lot of information there about the kind of criteria that the patent applicants have to fulfill and a set of rules about the features of the product/service/invention/concept in question.

You will need to get a lot of advice and assistance in this case, especially if you are applying for a commercial standard patent for the first time. The website will give you the comprehensive list of patent lawyers and legal experts who can help you with your application.

Two Types of Patent That You Should Know

If you or a colleague has been the founder of such an invention, then you will get exclusive right over it so that no other person or entity can replicate and commercially use your intellectual property without paying you royalty for it.

Types of Patent and their Process of Application

To protect your right for your invention or ideas, you need to apply it for patent. Basically, the patent has two main types - standard and innovation patent.

Innovation Patent

This type of patent, on the other hand, is suitable for small to medium business enterprises.Their products or services should ne something unique. The concepts or products in question may not necessarily be inventions but they have to be innovative in nature. In any case procuring an innovation patent is much easier than procuring a standard patent.

However, you can opt to consult a Patent lawyers in Brisbane who has specialized in intellectual property laws about how to stop competing agencies from stealing your innovative patented idea/concept/product or service.