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Dividing property among family members is always tricky; especially so when there is lack of cordiality among the involved parties. A family lawyer can help you on cases such as dividing pension between estranged partners, spousal maintenance or splitting of property that was bought jointly.

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All about Relocation after Divorce

Relocation is often an unpleasant but necessary side effect of divorce and you need to discuss this aspect at length with your family lawyers before making any decision. You might feel hat putting some geographical distance between you and our ex partner is the right thing to do. However there are instances when the court has not allowed relocation on the grounds that it will limit the amount of time the children will be able to spend with either parent.

What to do if relocation is imperative?

Your personal circumstances might make relocation justifiable and imperative but if you are moving with your children you should aim for a civil discussion with the other involved party. The ultimate objective is to reach a mutually agreeable set of conditions which are acceptable to you and not detrimental to the mental condition of your kids.

You can work out an arrangement where your children have longer holiday chunks in school and these times can be spent with the other partner in a fruitful way. Another alternative is that your former partner moves into a nearby area where he/ she is able to interact more with the children.


Whatever arrangement happens to suit you can take place only after being ratified in the presence of a family lawyer. Ideally you should opt for a written parenting program and get corresponding consent orders from the court.

It’s advisable to be fully truthful and honest to your lawyer if you want to benefit from his services.