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Dividing property among family members is always tricky; especially so when there is lack of cordiality among the involved parties. A family lawyer can help you on cases such as dividing pension between estranged partners, spousal maintenance or splitting of property that was bought jointly.

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How to evaluate the compensation for TBI?

Even expert compensation lawyers admit that it’s pretty difficult to evaluate the compensation amount for TBI cases. There are many factors to consider like severity of TBI, nature of injury and amount of pain and trauma that the victim has gone through. The amount of medical expense the victim has undergone, the alterations to lifestyle, the change in working capacity and psychological damage are also important factors to be considered. Often compensation lawyers recommend engaging a vocational consultant who can focus on a monetary value for TBI compensation.

What To Do Immediately after TBI?


The first thing you should do after suffering from TBI is to get medical help. Make sure you preserve all bills, receipts of purchased medicines and doctors reports. It’s better to maintain a separate file for these documents. The next thing you should do is to engage expert compensation lawyers who will help you file the claim and resolve the TBI case with the faulty party. Compensation lawyers will provide you the legal knowledge and expertise that you will need while dealing with such a complicated case. Remember it’s your right to get adequate compensation for traumatic brain injury.



One advantage of not being legally forced to file a lawsuit immediately is that you and your compensation lawyer will get plenty of time to evaluate the nature and extent of your injuries. Expert neurophysiologists can evaluate your situation and predict the long term effects of such an injury.