When you’ve decided to hire project builders, you must take your time. Besides, there are many companies that build commercial and residential projects in the country. Whilst looking at the credentials of builders online, you’re going to conclude they’re all highly qualified. Good thing, you can narrow down your list by asking these questions:

What type of warranty do you offer?

The first question you must ask is the type of warranty they offer. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about this until something goes wrong. After finding out the type of warranty they offer, you must ask about the coverage since it’s usually different for each company.

Which mode of communication do you prefer?

You’ll need regular updates on the project, so you must ask which mode of communication they prefer. It can be via phone, email or even through an online chatting app like Skype. Whichever mode they choose, they must respond to any enquiries you may have.

Do you have a portfolio?

To get an idea of how the project builders work, you should ask to see their portfolio. Most builders wouldn’t hesitate to show you their portfolio. Hence, you should move to another option if professionals say the link to their portfolio is broken.

Is it alright to go to the construction site?

Most project builders would allow you to go to the construction site. However, you must inform them ahead of time, so they can prepare for your arrival. You can expect them to give you the proper safety equipment you’ll need to wear whilst at the construction site.

What is your estimated time of completion?

The project builders shouldn’t get an impression that you’re hurrying them up when you ask for an estimated time of completion. After all, you can’t blame yourself if you’re very excited for the project to finish. Hence, they should be able to give an estimate.

For reliable project builders, don’t hesitate to give Queensland Building Solutions a call.