Important Questions to Ask Potential Lawyers

Going through a legal battle is not an easy situation to face. Therefore, you’ll need the help of professional lawyers to help you win the court’s favour. Remember, you need someone that you feel comfortable with, someone who has a clean and impressive track record, and someone has the right attitude for the job.

Here are important questions to ask when hiring lawyers:

  • How long have you practised law?

You’d want the level of expertise to match the type of case you’re facing. Most of the time, criminal cases are best handled by veteran lawyers, because these types of cases have serious consequences that could either be in favour of the prosecution or of the defence.

  • What kind of cases have you handled?

Take medical check-ups for example. Where would you rather have your eyes checked, by a gynaecologist or an ophthalmologist? The latter part, right?

The same thing goes with lawyers. Each has their own expertise. You’d want to hire one that has gone through cases like your situation.

  • How do you deal with difficult clients?

Even though there’s no implication that you are a difficult client, it’s helpful to know how lawyers in the firm deals with their clients. Someone who listens to her client’s concern and takes time to make her clients understand their rights and the entire accounts of the case is a sign of a good lawyer.

  • What are your principle and philosophy when handling a case?

Confident and oftentimes aggressive lawyers are the ones clients could use in cases that involved a breach of contract or a harassment case in the workplace. Choose someone who knows how to strategise properly and play the game right to win the case for you.

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