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All Lights, No Wires

How about a seamless wireless lighting module that not lets you regulate the lighting fixtures in all your rooms but also allows you to control appliances? Yes you can do all that with a one-touch remote control device. And if you think it’ll unnecessarily inflate your upgrade budget just get in touch with Real estate agents who’ll give you the latest updates.

And you don’t have to strain your budget to automatically secure your standby and conventional home security components like your doors, and windows. There are affordable yet effective automated home security systems available that’ll help you to lock your access points and switch on/off your lights with a remote sensor even when you’re not at home.


Bathroom Makeover When Selling Your Home

Of all the areas in your home, the bathroom is easily the most heavily used space. And if you happen to ask a home seller which area he’d prefer to renovate or remodel on a priority basis, he’ll point to his bathroom. So if you have a property or home that you’re willing to put under the hammer, you’ll necessarily have to go in for some basic upgrades assuming that you haven’t renovated it recently. And most realty services would suggest you to start your makeover with the bathroom.

Check out the before and after shots of our bathroom projects



Home Theatre


If you want to stay one step ahead of all other property sellers within a 20 km radius then you got to think and act smart. If you want to control your conventional a hi-tech security systems, and your electrical or electronic systems and your lighting systems from one single port, a home automation system will be par for the course.

You can refurbish your cabinetry by giving the doors, cabinet drawers, and shelves a fresh coating with a matte finish if you don’t want to replace them. Add a new silver coloured faucet and an attractive towel bar. Hire Real estate agents to give you ideas which one fits your bathroom.

Don't forget to clean also your shower screens.