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Real Estate Agents

Agents working with reputed companies will have a state license. Ensure that the agent you are dealing with has the required license. Also ensure that he acts in accordance with the code of conduct.

Tips for dealing with Agents

Check the reputation of the real estate agency. Find out about their mode of payment. Do not get carried away by their talks as it could be a marketing gimmick. Study their previous deals. Ask for client reference. Discuss with the client and find out if they were happy with the service. Check the agent’s qualifications and experience before choosing him.

Before signing any contract, ensure that you understand what service you will be availing from the real estate agents and at what cost. Ask the right questions. Do not sign any document if you are not sure of the contents. If you are in any doubt, get a second opinion by consulting another agent. Real estate agents are not lawyers. So it is recommended that you get legal advice before signing any documents with the agents. This way you can be sure that you are entering into a safe real estate agreement.




It is always better to cross check the information given by a real estate agent, if this is your first experience. Check if the information given to you is current and accurate.

Real estate agents have good communication skills. Ensure that he is very clear about your expectations and his brokerage fee. You do not want any unpleasantness at the time of closing the deal.

One of the benefits of hiring Melbourne mortgage broker is that he helps you to save time. You will also get a better deal if you go through an agent. So if you wish to sell your property, then research well and choose a reputed real estate agent services provider.


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