Screen doors keep your home safe from any weather, from powerful storms to heavy snow. It also protects your main door from damages, and even prevent insects from entering your home during summer. But before you shop for one in a store nearby, here are some tips to make sure the screen door you will get is durable.

Find out your door size first.

With the tape measure in hand, make sure you include the frames in taking its width and length. Most screens are displayed and sold as pre-hung units, meaning it has its own frame by the time you purchase it. It’s important so you won’t get an oversized screen door and spend more time fitting it.

Visit a reliable home centre

Most of us may prefer cheaper options but at the same time, we forget that quality comes with the cost. Once you are there, pick the screen that you most like based on its smoothness of opening and the latches and hinges moving properly. Consider first the highest of prices to the lowest to be able to compare the best components therein.

Always prefer a customised door

There are doors that are made by factory pre-set, meaning they are made by the manufacturer’s own design. But they seldom fit your own door. There are times that companies customise doors for you so it meets halfway between what you want, and what they can offer. Make sure that you check the best deals first also. You might also need to check if it reduces noise, repels any harmful insects, or has good light and air flow too.

Choose a durable closer

Between snubbers, or door stops, and pneumatic closers, it is best to choose the right kind of door closing mechanism. Not only does it make the door easily accessible, but it also makes sure it lasts longer. You wouldn’t want that to be slamming every time you get through it, right? Snubbers use a chain attached to a spring to close the door right away, while pneumatic models close slowly but firmly.

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